Sunday, August 4, 2013

When life gives you shit...

I am well aware of how screwed my life is right now.... 
But there was nothing much I could do to stop all those things from happening . 

But despite how shitty things get . 
I am glad that I have friends that care for me... 
Be there for me, hear me rants, cheer me up and of cos lend me a shoulder to cry on . 

Things are slowly picking up . 
And I really hope it will get better . 

I really wann to thanks my dear girl Priscilla for being there 100% despite she has no choice . Haha . 

Sharon, my dear HB for texting me despite we kind of lost contact . 

To also those who text and show me your care and concern . 
I'm grateful ! 

The old me will be back ! 
I promise ! 

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