Thursday, September 12, 2013

5 years friendship ?!

Obviously this blog post is dedicated to the ones known as HB 

This group of close Gf that I found in my poly life . 
Goes through school, project, oversea subjects and mostly ups and downs in our life ever since . 

But recently I had a argument(?) or should I say I practically lost all my ability to tolerate with them and cause a arguement with them . 

I won't share on the issue further . 
As I believe if you are their friends/colleagues, you might already heard their version . 
I am someone who HATE to have to convince others on how they see me . 

Since from start they believe that just an apology is enough then blame me for being petty . 
Blame me for being not understanding . 

So now...
Here I am... 
I just want to say good things . 
I dun wann to go on and on about this . 

To that dear Supeng, 

Thank you for being there in school, despite all the difference you and I have . 
Thank you for introducing me those brilliant novels to read as I dun have much friends that keep up with reading . 

Note for you: despite you being busy and all, I appreciate the time you text me when you know I am down . So THANK YOU . 

To that dear Zoelyn, 

Thank you for being such a true friend to me, never in my life I have met someone like you . 
Calm and cool and mysterious before known to be friend, funny, cute and action after knowing . 

Note for you: please take care of your health if there is smth wrong go see a doctor . Dun always say "nothing de la, it'll be fine" 
Really appreciate for what you and I have been through so THANK YOU . 

Last but not least... 
To that dear carol, 

Thank you for whatever shit you have put up with me since poly . 
When I think back, you are the ups in my downs, the one who always get "bullied" by me . 

Note for you: please look after yourself before you want to take care of others, you maybe strong but you are still only human . 
Love life wise, I wish you all the best and I hope you heed the advice I gave you before . Anything just tell Zoelyn or Supeng or your "sisters" . 
THANK YOU for giving in to me and I apologise if I make you teared at all throughout the years . 

I would like to thank you girls for the video for my birthday . 
Love it loads . 

Thanks . 

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