Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A sudden urge to blog

Hello... I'm back . 
Wahahaha !!! 
Okay lame but still I have no way to rant . 
So I'm back here telling you guys my troubles .(as usual) 

I guess it's just my experience and I'm pretty afraid of liars . 
And yes I'm meant literally... 
It might sound stupid...
But I have been lied to by too many people that I loved and also those whom I thought loved me .
But apparently they dun love me that much to not lie to me . 

So if you wann to say I have trust issues I'll just keep mum and admit to it . 
If what I know about you started off as a lie, then didn't I fell in love with a person that do not exist ?

And if your lies have been expose and I can't accept your answer.... 
A crack will then surface in my trust to you . 
So why are people risking all these and tell all these lies to the ones they say they love ? 

I feel hurt not because of the things that you lied about . 
It's the fact that you lied to me . 
And you find a need to have to do that . 
What I dun understand is what need is there for a person to lie to another ?

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