Friday, February 7, 2014

Blogging more often

I guess I will blog more often from now on . 

Cause I'm left with this platform to vent anger and still remain some parts of me . 

I'm trying to stay positive about stuffs but things just dun get better and it isn't my choice . 
Being a girl I will complain and whine about everything to the people around me . 
But I will tend to grumble and complain more to the ones I care and gives two shits about them . 
It's just a thing I do...
But seriously by saying I complain too much and you can't take it ? 

Like I can just dun tell u anymore and dun blame me if you are not updated with what is going on . 
Because everything I say will end up with a complain or a rant about my life ! 

I'm not happy neither am I contended to be working so there is nothing good to come out from this . 

Just cut my hand today and I'm feeling a huge tad of grumpiness ! 
Easily annoyed !! 

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