Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Predictable // Positive thinking

Have you ever met someone that is so predictable ??

I did... 
But i prefer to be ignorant around this type of people...

Wanted to rant non-stop about this issue .
but as predictable as it seem, i will not talk about it .

It is only right to be positive and focus on myself now .
The secret to happiness is none other then being positive with everything .
the change of aspect about one matter can make a big difference to how you feel .

It is good to just smile and let nature take its course of action .
What meant to happen will happen .
What meant to be will be .
What one will become is their choice .

Whining will never help or so I've learnt .

If you tell lies too often and it becomes a habit .
If you are fake always, you'll never get a true friend .
If you stir shit up too often, karma will hit you back soon .
If you are negative always, you'll affect your surrounding .

So I rather to be honest, true, nice and POSITIVE .
I guess these are simple ways to be happy .

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