Monday, March 24, 2014


I blame all my emotional outburst on my pms.

Been feeling this way for quite some times.
it is when you think you have everything and you look upon your life and realise that is not the case .

i can just live feeling contented to have families and my loved ones around me .
but without friends....
i just cant help but feels that smth is missing .

the worst part about me is....
i always hate to take the initiative because people takes it for granted .
and the second reason being i am afraid of left hanging there or rejected .

That somehow concluded how and why i feel the way i feel .
but surprisingly, people whom i thought would least be bothered about how i feel, cared .
Those whom i think should at least care, DIDNT .
haha ?

I am grateful to those who care about me .

Monday, March 17, 2014

Bad temper me :(

recently i have been really bad tempered with everyone around me .
and i know its annoying, but i will try my best .

Le boy taught me to find smth to calm myself down .
and guess what .
i found it .
cute baby pictures or videos and a full yiruma playlist .

Le boy also say to find smth; a picture to keep in mind and to help calm down .
this is what i found~

A sunset under a red leaves maple tree~

Monday, March 10, 2014

I'm too blessed with good food

So ever since i got attached i have been getting fatter and fatter everyday .
that is no way I'm just going to let it happen
I will do smth about it .

sadly first off is to cut down on the amount of good food i am consuming .
even though it will be a pity but it will be worth it .

so in order to slim down...
i have decided to start on cutting down the amount of food i intake everyday .
and also what i eat .
In addition to drinking tons of plain water .
Also i just purchase smth off the internet that say to guarantee weight loss in 1 month .
so hopefully it will work .
*cross my fingers*

and of course i would say exercise but who am i trying to lie to .
ME ?
oh come on .
dun pull my leg .

Yeah so i am not going to exercise but maybe the regular sit up before bed .
that is what i use to do to keep my tummy flat and intact .
but since now that it is a ball of fats i would have to do it .
I am definitely thinking about doing the blogilates video...
but the time commitment....
i would always prefer to sleep it off .

So to end this post off .
Pictures of the awesome food i have consume

Thursday, March 6, 2014

life moves on, it gets better

Hello Hello !!!
so read my own blog and realise smth...

It all about ranting...
And saying to be positive etc etc
but its seems like positive never happen at all...
Joke ?

Lying to myself lo~
as usual everyone finds an excuse for themselves including me .
I am strong headed when it comes to things...
but when i'm told i'm wrong...
I learn from it.

After trying and trying....
I got tired and only at the point of giving up did i find relief for myself .

I guess its only true for me to leave behind the past and move on...
cause in order for myself to be happy...

Just simply let go all the things that holds me down and enjoy what i have now .
Enjoy what infront of me and stop looking behind me .

A note and advice to all my friends, sisters, stalkers and readers:
When things dont go the way you want it to,
dun get upset and grief over it .
Instead try stop making it go your way, go along with the flow .
try to let go of that ego, pride and stop being so head strong .
Things might just turns out better than expected .

I love you guys ^^

Monday, March 3, 2014


Dunno what got into me... 
But a sudden surge of insecurities hit me 
I sudden felt that maybe my this relationship won't last . 

The fear of wasting my time on a relationship that can't see if there is a future . 
These insecurities are slowly occupying my mind .
Just like same to working...
I guess I should see what it comes to as of one year later .