Monday, March 10, 2014

I'm too blessed with good food

So ever since i got attached i have been getting fatter and fatter everyday .
that is no way I'm just going to let it happen
I will do smth about it .

sadly first off is to cut down on the amount of good food i am consuming .
even though it will be a pity but it will be worth it .

so in order to slim down...
i have decided to start on cutting down the amount of food i intake everyday .
and also what i eat .
In addition to drinking tons of plain water .
Also i just purchase smth off the internet that say to guarantee weight loss in 1 month .
so hopefully it will work .
*cross my fingers*

and of course i would say exercise but who am i trying to lie to .
ME ?
oh come on .
dun pull my leg .

Yeah so i am not going to exercise but maybe the regular sit up before bed .
that is what i use to do to keep my tummy flat and intact .
but since now that it is a ball of fats i would have to do it .
I am definitely thinking about doing the blogilates video...
but the time commitment....
i would always prefer to sleep it off .

So to end this post off .
Pictures of the awesome food i have consume

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