Thursday, March 6, 2014

life moves on, it gets better

Hello Hello !!!
so read my own blog and realise smth...

It all about ranting...
And saying to be positive etc etc
but its seems like positive never happen at all...
Joke ?

Lying to myself lo~
as usual everyone finds an excuse for themselves including me .
I am strong headed when it comes to things...
but when i'm told i'm wrong...
I learn from it.

After trying and trying....
I got tired and only at the point of giving up did i find relief for myself .

I guess its only true for me to leave behind the past and move on...
cause in order for myself to be happy...

Just simply let go all the things that holds me down and enjoy what i have now .
Enjoy what infront of me and stop looking behind me .

A note and advice to all my friends, sisters, stalkers and readers:
When things dont go the way you want it to,
dun get upset and grief over it .
Instead try stop making it go your way, go along with the flow .
try to let go of that ego, pride and stop being so head strong .
Things might just turns out better than expected .

I love you guys ^^

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