Thursday, May 29, 2014

Caring too much

Maybe I should start reflecting on how much I care... 

I guess I was just caring too much about you . 
And I think I dun need to, since you clearly dun need me nagging at you . 

If you find the nagging irritating then from this day on I shall no longer nag at you . 

Because then I dun need to argue with you, or I dun need to get cold shoulders from you just because I care... 

I wanted to spent more time with you but it doesn't seems that way to you . 
Having to wake up so early everyday just to spent that extra hour with you . 
Sending you to work...
But to you I guess it's just annoying huh . 

Maybe I should meet you less... 
Give you time to go social media to find new girls to talk to . 
Let you open up your option huh . 

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