Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2015 CNY

Its going to be Chinese new year soon.
I finally bought all my new year clothes and a new pair of heels .

new start to the year getting older and growing wiser .
ridding the toxic in my life .
A life without drama is boring, but a life that is filled with problematic drama is tiring.

At some point in life, i realize that i have been holding on to the wrong things.
that is why i have been unhappy .
i always thought having a bit of drama will make my life less boring .
keep wanting to hold on to the life that i had .
cause it was more fun .
but i was horribly wrong .

it was the drama that makes me tired and unhappy .
now to think of having those burdensome drama rid out of me .
i actually felt relief.... sad.. but relief regardless .

i always hold people who i care too close to my heart .
so i always feel hurt when things went south...
but that's alright. the disappoint will fade...
the people will go away, while i move on straight...

i speak for myself, i try to live without fear .
i always knew what were the reasons behind each lost i had.
but this time round, i didn't.... the only time i felt that it wasn't me...
it just ideas in her own head....
and i do not need to bother anymore....

i will soon be free from loan and life will be smoother then it is now.
leading onward to a boring but nonetheless blissful life...
with the people that really dote on me...

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