Thursday, March 26, 2015

Moving on...

So I'm busy with work now...
Craving for a getaway . 
Hopefully soon ba .

So many things I want to buy...
Buy no time to go shop . 
Why is it that when we have the time we have not enough money .
But when we have enough money but no time to spent it...


I will start to blog more often ba. Even though I have said that like a million times .
But not doing it everytime . 

So now instead of procrastinating on everything i do .
I will start with blogging .

Then I can progress from there 

Let's start with some food review ba~
I recently went to this cafe ard my house area. 
It's called Togather Cafe
They are kind of famous for their specialty macha lava cake. 

Which is also what I was there to try. 
They have quite a variety of food choices . 
But I was too full to try any except for the cake. 

It's super yummy but a bit too sweet for my taste. 
Recommended to go try it out. 

It's locate at 84 Bedok north street 4 #01-25/27 singapore 460084

Oh and if you wondering.. 
It's pretty affordable 

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