Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Not feeling well

So I have been feeling sick recently...
Dk what is wrong with me.. 

I wonder... 

But whatever... 
Let's go with some review on a recent movie I watch...

Late review actually.. 
I recently went to catch insurgent with my girl.. 
And guess what...
It's bored til the point whereby I almost fell asleep. 
Expectation to high due to the first movie...

So I was quite disappointed...
BUT !! 
The good thing is that we went to had dinner at parkway. 
And it's a super good ramen place...
I didn't take any picture... 
what a waste. 
But the food is super super yummy. 

Highly recommend ! 
It's call keisuke ! 
It's located at parkway mall and it's just right at the entrance to basement. 
Cozy and the ramen is delicious. 
But if you are like me, someone who doesn't prefer very salty food. 
I recommend you to chose light for the soup base. 
Oh and did I mention they have free flow hard boiled egg and bean sprouts. 

I am dying to go back and try it again . 
This time round I would like to have some sides too ! 

So til then . 
Loads of love from me 

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