Monday, July 20, 2015

5th week

5 weeks have gone~
I'm moving on... 

Hahaha ! 
Who am I trying to kid ? 
But still... Life is moving on ...
Not waiting for me . 
Time can't turn back . 
So I push myself forward 
Just because I know you are doing fine and well without me 

Selfishly I wish you were suffering as I am . 
But on the other hand, the thoughts hurt me unknowingly. 

I guess you are the one that got away huh . 
Fate ? 
It's just the trust is no longer the same . 
Everything was establish like so and so it had to have ended this way . 
Just that I was too blind to see it coming . 

Caught by surprise and realizing the pain is killing me . 

I have to live with it now . 
And hope the next one will mend this broken heart but to a whole 

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